Film Pacitan Bangkit: 2017 Pacitan Flood and Landslide

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That day, Tuesday 28 November 2017, the City of Pacitan hit by a flood that hit almost in all points of the city. Not only the floods, landslides and dirt lands lunged almost in all districts in Pacitan. A total of 25 victims died, 19 victims of landslides and 6 victims of natural disasters flooded. Thousands of homes are damaged, tens of thousands of livestock are also victims in the terrible disaster of late 2017.

Luckily, the Pacitan community is a strong society. As soon as the disaster struck, they got up. Rise and fetch back to find the future, the dream and love. Luckily also, the government immediately make quick and appropriate steps in completing the recovery post disaster.

This is a movie, about the disaster in Pacitan. A documentary depicting the seconds as the terrible disaster struck and hit Pacitan. It is a reminder to all of us, that God loves the Pacitan community, and this is the form of affection. Enjoy watching.

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