[Video] Pacitan is The Paradise of Java

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Pacitan Paradise of Java
Pacitan Paradise of Java

Pacitanku.com, PACITAN – Pemerintah Kabupaten (Pemkab) Pacitan melalui Dinas Dinas Kebudayaan, Pariwisata, Pemuda dan Olahraga pada pertengahan Februari tahun ini akhirnya meluncurkan slogan baru pariwisata di Pacitan. Slogan yang berbunyi Pacitan the Paradise of Java ini menjadi bagian dari promosi semua obyek wisata yang berada di Pacitan.

Untuk lebih mempermudah deskripsi dari Pacitan the Paradise of Java, Pemkab juga membuat sebuah website khusus yang berisi informasi wisata di Pacitan yang dapat dikunjungi di www.pacitantourism.net. Selain itu, Pemkab juga meluncurkan video resmi Pacitan is The Paradise of java sebagai bagian dari promosi tersebut. Berikut video berjudul Pacitan is The Paradise of Java itu.

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Pacitan is The Paradise of Java

Pacitan, known as a thousand cave city, is a beautiful place to visit. I was intrigued since my friend told me a story about the hidden paradise on the Java island. It doesn’t take much time to reach Pacitan from Yogyakarta. You just need about 3 hours by road through Gunung Kidul, Yogya. By choosing this distance, you could feel like entering the gates of new horizons and find an exotic experience.

Pacitan is located in the south of East Java Province that borders with Central Java province. Pacitan is a peaceful place that has a beautiful city parks. Pacitan is also known as an undulating, hilly and mountainous region. The area of Pacitan is about 1.389,87 km. although most of the area is a karsts area but the land is suitable for agriculture and plantations.

Beach is one of the leading tourist attractions in Pacitan. Now, I am ini Teleng Ria Beach. This is the closest beach to Pacitan city. The wind blows and its beautiful blue sea could give me a peace. Teleng ria also provides the best facilities for the passengers.

Nearfrom Teleng Ria, there is Pancer Door beach. It is a meeting point of Grindulu river and the south coast. Pancer door has comfortable campground. It is also known with its long and bumpy wave. In the west foothills of Teleng Ria, there is Tamperan Gung. Tamperan Gung is the best hill place to see the beauty bay view of Pacitan. In Tamperan Gung, there is also a harbor that fills with ships and small fishing boats that ready to conquer the ocean.

I continue my trip to the Srau beach. Srau beach is located 25 Km from the Pacitan city, precisely it is located in the Pringkuku district. The panorama in Pringkuku fascinates me so I do not want to leave this place right away. About 15 minutes from the Srau beach, I could find Watu Karung Beach. Watu karung beach is located 30 km from the Pacitan city.

The white sand beauty of Watu Karung Beach reminds me of the greatness of God. Watu karung’s wave is a surfer’s favorite to conquer the nature challenge. My final trip to explore Pacitan beaches is Klayar beach. Klayar beach is in the Donorojo District, it is located 35 km from the Pacitan city. Here, I am fascinated by the beauty of the beach.I cannot stop freezing the moment that I spend here. However the best part of this beach is the Seruling Samudera. It is a whistle sound that comes from the friction of the sea water through the crack of the coral.

I begin to discover the amazing caves in Pacitan. The first cave that I find is Goa Gong (gong’s cave). Goa cave is located 30 kms from the Pacitan City. Its stalactites and stalagmites are claimed as the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. iBecome more curious with this cave since I heard about the magical store of Empat Sendang Goa Cave.

The next cave is Tabuhan Cave. Tabuhan Cave is located in the Wareng Village, Punung district which is 40 kms from the Pacitan City. iT seems that we could hear the rhythm of the gamelan if we hit the stalactite or the stalagmite. The uniqueness of Tabuhan Cave is its voicing stalactite and stalagmite.

My trip seems incomplete without visiting the craft and industrial gemstone in the Donorojo district. Here, I could find many high quality souvenirs and the making of batik Parni and Saji. Those batik are processed by natural dyes. In Pacitan, there is Purwosari village that produce a high quality artistic pottery. I will bring some souvenirs from Pacitan as presents for my friends in Jakarta.

Despite of the beauty of the natural attractions and crafts, Pacitan also rich in arts and cultural diversities as well as the people who always keep and preserve local cultural wisdom. Pacitan often holds national and international event, so that the art and culture could exist until now.

After travelling Pacitan tourism object, it is time to relax . The best option is Tirto Husodo warm water bath. Tirto Husodo is 15 km from the Pacitan city, precisely it is in Arjosari District. The water contains sulfur that is good for our health. After trying to get bath here, I could fresh and ready to journey other Pacitan tourism objects.

In Pacitan, I also could find a historical place, such as the House of Monument Guerilla Commander of General Sudirman. The Place is located in Sobo, pakis Baru village, Nawangan District. It is 45 kms from the North of the Pacitan City. In the colonialism era, the house was used as he base camp of General Sudirman guerrilla during the 3 months to regulate and control the guerrilla war in 1949.

In Pacitan, I could find Mr. Presidents Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono residencrecord Mr. Me during his teenage. Here, I could find some pictures that record Mr. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono life’s journey and also a peaceful ambience that has not much changed from the past until now.

Another special object in Pacitan is the advance of technology and the processing of its natural resources, knows as Steam Power Plants of Sudimoro (PLTU Sudimoro). This system was made to fulfill the electricity needs of Pacitan people both industrially or home.

Pacitan is also known as the birthplace of nation leaders and successors. As we know, educational and religious character is the most important part to reach the bright future. In order to fulfill this needs, many religious boarding school were made. Tremas and Kikil boarding school, that are located in Arjosari district, are two of those schools.

Pacitan also has its best culinary places; one of it is the Minulya market. Here, I could find various delicious snacks and fresh drinks, like tuna tofu. I usually could find this tuna tofu in the city park.

I do not have to worry if I want to stay longer in Pacitan, because there are many hotels and inns that givetheir best service. It seems that I still want to stay in Pacitan much longer. After enjoying some of beautifully tourism objects, I could feel that Pacitan is truly the Paradise of Java. I will remember all of those experience that I spend here, in Pacitan.

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